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Why selling with us?

  • Online auctions: they are safe, fast and transparent
  • Yachts, inflatables, ships and much more: we sell every type of unit
  • Great visibility and more than 2 million potential buyers all over the world
  • No deal: you decide in advance the price and the auction duration
  • Full assistance during the sale and complete support of our nautical specialist

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The right auction for every type of seller!

Direct owner

Who looks for an expert and competent figure to sell his/her units without bearing the cost of the intermediary

Nautical delears/intermediaries

Who need a quick and an efficient tool, different to the actual marketplace, to sell the unit of their customers.

Ship builders

Who need to reduce the unsold stock.

What are the advantages of our offer?


Pre-selling assistance

One of our commercial expert may assist you to fulfill the documents and suggesting how to shoot the best photos/video to promote your unit.

pre asta

Uploading of the auction

We will schedule an online auction dedicated to your unit/s by planning with you the number of attempts and the price of the unit.

programmazione asta

Management of the auction

We will manage every application/request received by the potential buyers and scheduling the appointments to visit the units.

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Marketing and spreading of the information

We will arrange for promoting the units in the national and international markets, thanks to the experience of our marketing team and the support of our software house.

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Post-selling assistance

We will manage the transmission of the documents coordinating the relationship with the nautical agency and the shipyard/marina to recover the asset.

post asta

Other services

On request we may manage the definition of the strategy and the operative realization of the extra-activities finalized to improve the probability of selling, for example:

  • Extra marketing activities (ad hoc channels)
  • Commercial evaluation of the unit
  • Shooting of photos and video
  • Logistic (sea, cargo and truck transfer)

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